Assisting Silent Seekers…

Answers to questions you didn’t even know you asked!

While wasting time on my WordPress stats page one day, I noticed that someone had found my blog by searching for “starting a homeschool choir.” Sadly, I have never posted on that topic, although I have posted occasionally about my own experiences with my own choir. Realizing that my blog was probably no help whatsoever to this silent seeker, I wanted to shout, “Wait, I really CAN help you with this!” So, with hopes that I can help more of my readers, and those just surfing the web looking for answers, I am dedicating this page to addressing search terms (as long as I know the answers).

First up: how to start a homeschool choir. Tune in every Wednesday until the world runs out of questions, or until I run out of answers, whichever comes first 😉

Wednesday, January 11 

Starting a Homeschool Choir

Wednesday, January 18

Start a Creative Writing Class

Wednesday, January 25

Homeschool Empty Nest

Wednesday, February 2

Bible Study Curriculum

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Acting Prompts

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