Bible Study Curriculum

Someone hit my blog the other day by Googling “bible study in homeschool.”

This is something that I have been wondering about for a while now. Ian already reads his Bible every night, and our family reads together in the evenings (when we remember – something we definitely need to work harder at though), so what do we do specifically for homeschool? I have the subject Bible scheduled three times a week, but how to fill it? His history book is from a Biblical perspective (The Mystery of History) and so are his science books (Answers in Genesis). So he already gets tons of Bible stories and creation science in his curriculum.

We already work hard to cultivate a personal relationship with the Lord. We praise God when we pray, we tell Him how awesome and wonderful He is, and we think of things that prove it, and then tell Him about them. For instance, we think of something wonderful about His creation, and tell Him what a great job He did, and thank Him for it, like the properties of water or an animal that we’ve been learning about. We also try to thank Him for things that He’s done specifically for us, like creating us or giving us something we’ve asked for. I teach my son that it’s okay to ask for things, but it’s not the primary reason we pray. I’m also trying to teach Him to be spontaneous – he doesn’t have to wait for bedtime to say his prayers. So every day, I’m trying to get my son to cultivate his relationship with the Lord.

So, back to Bible curriculum: Bible stories (check), creation science (check), personal relationship (check). What’s left?

I looked around on the internet for something. I didn’t want just any old Bible curriculum because a lot of the things he would study would be redundant. I wanted a curriculum that would cover an aspect of the Bible that he wasn’t already getting elsewhere. A while back, I stumbled upon Foundations, by Anne Elliott. I downloaded the first four weeks curriculum for free, and tried it out. I like it because it focuses on the Bible itself. Since downloading this curriculum, Ian has been learning his books of the Bible, learning to look up passages in the Bible, and memorizing verses. As part of the curriculum, a parent reads to the child from predetermined passages. The students get to color, draw, answer questions, and keep journals as part of the curriculum as well. There are many great things about the curriculum. I just ordered the book yesterday, and cannot wait for its arrival! If you are looking, I would definitely give this curriculum a look!

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