Homeschool Empty Nest

Now what?

The other day, someone hit my blog by searching “homeschool empty nest.” I can’t say that I have any personal experience with this (my homeschooled son is only seven), but my heart went out to this searcher, and I thought I would brainstorm some things to help.

I do know a few people who have homeschooled their children, who are now empty nesters. My mother, for instance. Her life has always been all about her children. What does she do when they leave home? Why, she makes her life all about her grandchildren, of course! This week, she has been spending the evenings and nights with my brother and his family, and the days with my sister, who is a brand-new mother herself. She lives with my other sister and her family, and she will be visiting our home later this afternoon. She is very involved in the lives and happiness of her grandchildren, and you can tell how much they love her for it!

Another empty nester I know has opened a bowling alley. I can only assume that she had dreams of doing so before, but she has now found the time as well. Do you have any dreams of owning your own business? Perhaps now is the time!

Some homeschool moms have gone on to teach in private schools. This is something that I am seriously considering for myself. Others go to college and learn a new skill, or begin a new career.

What if you don’t have grandchildren yet? Or what if you wish to remain a keeper at home? What do you do with all of that free time?

I know what I would do: write like crazy! Homeschool moms everywhere could benefit from your knowledge and experience. You’ve already been there and know what the rest of us are facing. You could help us answer questions about routine, curriculum, and college.

If you don’t particularly enjoy writing, perhaps you could think back to your youth. What hobbies and projects did you enjoy as a child? A teenager? A young adult? Perhaps you could get started in photography or refinishing furniture.

What about volunteering? Nursing homes are lonely places and can always benefit from a happy face. What are you good at? Is there anyone who would benefit from your services?

Perhaps you could stay involved with a homeschool coop, and teach Spanish, creative writing, or advanced math. Or maybe they just need someone who will be content to entertain the littles while other classes are meeting.

At any rate, set some goals for yourself, and try to meet them. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10?

Anyway, these are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own ideas! If there’s an empty nester out there, please let us know what you did to keep your sanity!


9 responses to “Homeschool Empty Nest

  1. Hummm… I’m nearing that season of my life with my sons turning 15 and 17 this year. Honestly, somedays the tears flow freely thinking about the inevitable “empty nest” that will arrive much too quickly. Other days I have peace knowing that hubby and I will have more alone time with each other. What will I do with ALL that extra time?? I don’t know yet. I’m praying that the Lord will bring godly spouses to my sons lives shortly after leaving the nest. Someone to weather lifes hardships with and start their own families with. Grandchildren would be my focus then. However, if there’s a season needing to be filled I have often thought there would be plenty to do ministering to other homeschool families. Providing classes, down time for moms with many littles, or just visiting them more often and giving them a chance to have conversation with someone over 4 feet tall = ) Whatever may fill my days after our nest empties, I know It will be His leading and my following… that’s what’s always worked best!

    Sherri <

    • Sherri, thanks so much for you input! What sort of classes are you thinking about providing?
      Visiting is a great idea! Something that our current society has almost lost touch with (at least in the circles that I’m in). We’re all to busy to take time out of our schedules to visit others…
      And of course, you’re right – as long as God remains the center of your life, you can’t very well go wrong, can you?

      • Probably craft/art type classes or science. I would love to help with bible study time for moms too! Something I seem to never have gotten enough of while busy with homeschooling myself. I’ve been reading a lot of articles on Hospitality lately and how that’s so important. I agree it’s becoming a lost art and one that I consider so important. It’s seems so many of us need it but can’t make it work with our schedules! It dosen’t help either that so many of us are living spread out miles from each other. I was doing pretty good drawing a group of families to my house every weekend for food and fellowship then one by one everyone got busy again and we haven’t done it in a while. I know some of you have “open house” after church on Sundays and if we didn’t live so far away I would be there!

  2. Bible study sounds great. Just seconds ago, I was reading a homeschool mom’s blog, and she was talking about her first class at a women’s Bible study group, and how much she enjoyed it! She mentioned her girls being in classes, so I’m assuming the moms got together for the Bible study while the homeschoolers had class. The art of hospitality is something I’d like to revisit myself. Do you know of any good books or places on the web that I could read? I’m thinking about old fashioned letter writing and hosting more dinner parties. I worry about popping in on people uninvited, although I know that’s how things used to be before we (as a society) found other ways to entertain ourselves. Yeah, we were having open house for a while, but it sort of fizzled out. People just don’t like to show up without an invitation every single week. My brothers and sisters still come, but that’s about it. Once in a great while, someone else will come, but not very often.

    • The articles I’ve been reading about hospitality are in my “Above Rubbies” magazines. Although I think I remember seeing one in my “Homeschool Enrichment” magazine recently too. Which by the way, I also saw your article! It was very good and my hubby was pretty impressed to know our homeschool community had such talent = )

      I’ve even thought of hosting game nights with snacks instead of dinners or lunches, to take the pressure off not knowing how many may come for a meal. When I host one I’ll let you know = )

  3. Oooh! I’ve read that magazine, but I think the one I had was pretty old. I’ll have to look into them again.
    Thanks for the compliment! I really love that magazine as well!
    I’d love a game night – that’s something we still do around my house. So far today, my son and I have played Quiddler, Math Bingo, and Boggle!

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  5. Hi there! I love this idea of categorizing the archives! I need to do this. In the meantime, I have written about the empty nest from my my mistakes, what to do, as opposed to what NOT to do. 🙂 Let me know if you would like a url… ❤

    • Sure, I’d love to see the URL! If I find the time, perhaps I could write up an introduction for it and post it to my blog as well, but feel free to post it in the comment section (if WordPress will let you).

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