This page is dedicated to all of my original files that I have created for teaching or for my own personal use. There have been many times when I just couldn’t find the right tool for the job. Sometimes I settled for what was available, but once in a while, I created what I needed. Check back because I intend to add files all the time. All files are Microsoft Word unless otherwise noted. For my creative writing prompts in disguise, check out A Prompt Disguised…


Alphabet Train Flashcards (page)

Silent E Words

Two Vowels in the Middle


Spanish Flashcards, Unit 1

Cursive Writing:

Cursive Books of Bible

Cursive States and Capitals

Months and Days

Presidents (read instructions)

Countries of the World (read instructions)

Periodic Table of Elements (read instructions)

Psalm 19:1-3

Creative Writing:

A Prompt Disguised (page)

Dial a Writing Prompt

Dial a Personalilty

Multi Sensory Creative Writing Lesson 1

Multi Sensory Creative Writing Lesson 2

Using Objects

Description Mix n Match

Multi-Sensory Creative Writing: Scent

Favorite Character/Setting Mix and Match

High School/College:

Instructions for Writing a Great Research Paper

Song Memorization Schedule

Home Helps:

Budget Form

Grocery Double-Check List

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