Alphabet Train Flashcards

My son was fascinated with trains. I wanted him to be fascinated with learning how to read. In an effort to combine the two, I created train flashcards with letters of the alphabet on them. Using these, we were able to spell and read words while building train sets at the same time! Today I am uploading the caboose alphabet. Be on the lookout for the coal car, freight car, and engine sets!

Microsoft Word File, Complete Set, Second Edition

PDF, Complete Set, Second Edition

Microsoft Word File Caboose Alphabet

Microsoft Word File Engine Alphabet

Microsoft Word File Coal Car Alphabet

Microsoft Word File Freight Car Alphabet


2 responses to “Alphabet Train Flashcards

    • Awesome! I’m so happy you can use them! I don’t need them anymore since my son is now seven, but it’s nice to know that someone else can benefit from all the hard work I put into making them.
      Good luck with the reading skills!

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