Description Mix ‘n’ Match

My favorite creative writing exercise so far…

What if we used a description of one object to describe a completely different object?

Take a bunch of objects to class, and have the class give you an adjective that describes each noun. Then switch them up and see what stories they inspire!

Difficult (Math) Problem & Shiny Penny = Difficult Penny & Shiny Problem


Cartoon Puzzle

127-year-old Book

Stretchy Rubber Band

Native-Indian Rattle

Friendship Bracelet

Ancient Fossil

Difficult Problem

Shiny Penny

Birthday Card

Mechanical Pencil

Green Trinket

4 responses to “Description Mix ‘n’ Match

  1. Jack Campbell, Jr.

    This is really a fun way to come up with create descriptions. Thanks.

    • Glad you like it! If you want to see more of my original creative writing ideas, you can find a few files on my Resources page. If you don’t want to download the files, you could click on my Creative Writing category instead. That should take you to my other posts. BTW, thanks for the compliment!

  2. That sounds like an assignment that would require use of the imagination! I would like to know what a difficult penny would be like!


    • I’m sure everyone’s interpretation would be different, what with our own unique experiences and all, but it makes me think of this: A specific penny that keeps turning up over the course of someone’s life, or maybe even many lives over the course of generations in the same family. Every time it shows up, it brings trouble. They’ve tried spending it, burying it, eating it, each act more desparate than the last, all to no avail. It just keeps coming back.

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