Open House Dinner Party

One of our favorite things to do is throw a dinner party for our friends. Jesse and I have an open house every Sunday afternoon. Note to my friends: If this is the first you’ve heard about it, you are very welcome to show up! I just haven’t remembered to personally invite everyone yet.

My (not-so) hidden agenda: My hope is to bring my church friends together with those who are looking for a church home, to allow them to build relationships before entering a church building. I know how scary it is to feel “all alone” while hunting for a church. Of course, all of our friends are welcome, even if they already attend a different church!

House Prep: I generally clean the house pretty good on Friday or Saturday, and straighten up on Sunday mornings before church. I save the bathrooms for Sunday mornings as well, because they don’t stay clean very long. Once I’m done with that, I go through the house and look for little nagging things. If they aren’t big projects, I try to take care of them right away. Otherwise, they get put on my list of things to do for the next week. It’s been really nice since I started doing this, because my house usually gets completely clean at least once a week. That keeps me from getting sneaky little overlooked spots that build up and become difficult!

Food Prep: Nearly everyone brings a side, but I try to fix the main course. Since we are on a tight budget, it’s usually spaghetti or a big pot of beans. Once in a while, I will have salad fixins and some freshly pressed tortillas. (They’re so inexpensive to make!) For a few weeks there, I was making fresh salsa and chips every Sunday. The chips are so easy – I will post a how-to later on. I make anything up ahead of time that I possibly can – pasta is quick and simple to cook after getting home, but slow cooker recipes free you up for visiting with your guests. (I also like to have a backup plan for extra food, in case the turnout is greater that we expected.)

Heart Prep: It’s good to remind yourself not to hurt your guests spiritually. Try not to be a worldly influence in their lives. Keep the TV turned off, stick with Christian or instrumental music in the background, and engage in activities that will encourage clean conversation. Jesse and I usually like to play board games on Sundays, but if there is enough conversation, you don’t really need any other form of entertainment. Say a prayer, and ask for help keeping your thoughts pure and your conversation godly.

Happy hosting!

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2 responses to “Open House Dinner Party

  1. Sounds like a small group we used to belong to for many years. We did ours on Sunday night. We always had food, for a while we had everyone bring something for a “planned” pot luck, and then we switched to having one family supply the meal for the group on a rotating basis…so when it was your night to provide, you had a lot to do. But the rest of the time, you were completely off the hook for food.

    Have you heard of Flylady? I think the site is This is an organization/decluttering/home-cleaning inspiration site, but it is very focused on positive messages for everyone involved…moms, kids, spouses, and has a lot of good messages about attitude. You don’t have to pay a membership fee, although the site does sell various items. But you can receive the full benefit of membership without spending anything. Not that I’m implying that you need help! But there are a lot of great ideas for organizing for events like the Sunday gatherings.

    Hope your next Sunday time together is a big success! Sheila

    • Sounds like fun! I only wish I knew more people who would be willing to rotate! 🙂 Maybe I do know some, but I would hate to ask. They’re all so nice, they would probably say yes, even if they didn’t really want to. Then they would be stuck! Anyway, I don’t mind too much, because at least this way, my house gets a really good cleaning once a week. Keeps me from getting too behind.
      You know, I did try Flylady for a while, and at first it was great, but then I started skimming over them in my inbox and deleting them without reading. Finally I unsubscribed. It really works for some people though! I had someone else recommend it to me; that’s how I found it in the first place!

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