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The man’s name was

I’m quite upset with myself. This morning when I opened Reluctant Liaison to write, this is what I discovered. After three asterisks, which I am using to mark the beginning of a new scene, I found written the following words: “The man’s name was”

That’s it! No name at all. The thing that makes me really mad is that I not only remember the name, but I don’t remember any of the details of the scene I was preparing to write.

On top of that, I don’t even remember typing those four words at all! Am I losing my mind completely – can a person truly be that forgetful? Or is my husband playing a prank on me? I don’t think it was Ian, because he doesn’t know proper apostrophe usage yet.

And what on earth could have happened to me that I would stop right there? How could I not have finished my sentence? Granted, I probably didn’t have a name in mind yet, but when that happens, I type random letters until something emerges that I like. Science fiction, so I can get by with that right? In fact, all but five of the characters in this novel have named themselves, in just that manner. If I don’t like a name, I can always change it later. But back to the emergency that would have pulled me away from my laptop midsentence: I don’t remember anything like that happening yesterday. We went for pizza; Ian earned his first Book-It prize last night, but surely I wasn’t that hungry.