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I love my little blog…

Wow, so it has been forever since I posted anything besides a recycled post from ages past. Part of me says to give it up, shut it down, walk away…but only the very busiest part of me! I love what this blog is and was, and I hope to never leave it completely behind. It represents who I am and how I came to be–my journey through homeschooling adventures, religious growth, business endeavors, etc. In everything I wrote, I wanted to be helpful to others and offer ideas and insights. Hopefully, some of you found it helpful!

I really don’t know how often I’ll continue to post here; I’m hoping life will slow down for me someday, and that I’ll have the time to relax and just blah, blah, blah (like the good old days). For now though, I’m in over my head with my tutoring business: Crescenza Studio. Last spring, or maybe the one before–it’s a blur–I had a piano parent ask me if I could also teach IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) classes. I was familiar with it from having taught Ian and a couple of families over the years, so I said, “Sure,” not knowing it was about to change my life.

I told her I’d need at least four students, but she found me eight! (Thanks, Ann, you’re the best!) Well, they kept signing up for classes, and their siblings started taking classes, and then I decided to go online to get even more students, and…well, now, here we are. Last year was my busiest ever, and 2022-23 is gearing up to be my NEW busiest year ever. I’m loving it but trying to decide what to cut back on as I open up room in my new life for my new favorite language arts curriculum.

Anywhoo, here’s my new website: Crescenza.Studio

I have almost no slots left for private lessons, but I do still have some room in my IEW classes, so if you’re so inclined, take a gander. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Once I get my non-teaching life figured out, I hope I’ll get to visit with you all again on a regular basis. For now, much love!