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The Mark of the Beast?

Not claiming to “know” anything, but here’s what I saw in a vision and what I “think” it means, based on the research I’ve performed over the last few weeks.

Disclaimer: I was already thinking the vaccine might be associated with the mark of the beast, so the vision might have been a figment of my imagination. That being said, the things I have discovered since are most certainly not my imagination (although it’s possible that some of them are a leap to conclusions) See what you think:

I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, sat straight up, “saw” a floating STAR OF LIFE, and thought: the mark of the beast!

Star of Life

Then I immediately fell asleep and forgot about it. The next day, I didn’t remember it again until I went to put on my medical bracelet. After that,I remember Googling some gematria websites, trying to figure out which Hebrew names total 666 if you change the letters to their numerical values (which is numerology in many other languages, but not so much in Hebrew because they didn’t have numbers aside from their letters – in Hebrew, any word can be a number and vice versa). I still hate gematria – I think that people can use it to “prove” anything if they’re creative and persuasive enough, but I couldn’t figure out any other possible meaning of “the number of his name” from John’s revelation. Anyway, I was utterly shocked and inhaled sharply when my search landed me on a page that had the star of life at the top of it. I was NOT looking for the star of life, or a serpent around a pole, or ANYTHING related to my vision, other than to try to figure out the name of the beast. 

I read the website and was so disturbed that I cancelled a piano lesson and went to talk to my atheist sister. I knew that if I were imagining things, she would easily point out the holes in my theory. Her only idea was that since I had already been studying up on Azazel (more on that later), the beast of Revelation, and the mark of the beast, I just put it all together in my head while I was sleeping and woke up with an idea that connected all of the dots. Of course, being an atheist, she doesn’t believe the dots mean anything to begin with – just that I had thought of a way to draw them all together. What she couldn’t account for was the symbols of the mark of the beast actually looking like the star of life once they were super-imposed (neither of us knew that beforehand), or that I would land on that website while on a totally different trail.

Here’s what I discovered on that day and since then: some Greek manuscripts of Revelation have six hundred, sixty and six all spelled out in words that represent the numbers, but some of them have only 3 letters, and those letters correspond individually to 600, 60, and 6. One of those letters looks like a snake, one looks like an x, and the other one looks like half a snake (not convincing, right?). Well, the one that looks like half a snake originated as the Hebrew letter vav, which looks like a pole. Still seems like a stretch, right?

Well, here’s how I think it went down. John saw the star of life as a symbol of the beast and wrote it down as he saw it. Snake on a pole with an x in the background. People translating it into Greek (from its probable original Hebrew), saw what they thought was 2 Greek letters superimposed over a Hebrew one. They changed the vav to a stigma (not sigma) for Greek readers, who would not identify with the vav (both vav and stigma represented the number 6, btw), and wrote them one after another instead of superimposing them. Remember that the other two letters represent 60 and 600.

Here’s what I think it means. All people, small and great, rich and poor, will be compelled to get the vaccination. Without it, they will not be allowed to buy or sell. I think that the mark on the hand or forehead might be a literal mark, or it might be a point of vaccine insertion (may include a microscopic microchip for quick and easy validation at Walmart or places of employment, etc.).

I’m not saying that anyone who takes the vaccine will be doomed for an eternity on fire – but I do think they are doomed for physical torment as long as they remain alive (7 years?) – a direct result of being injected with an unproven vaccine that alters RNA. The smoke (remembrance) of that torment will continue forever, but I believe that every person’s suffering ends at death. I also believe that even those people receiving the mark will be resurrected and be given an option to choose life after a full enlightenment (Hebrews 6). (That is, I don’t believe anyone will be tricked into missing out on eternal life). Now, I have scriptures to back up everything I’m saying, but I’m not looking to write a book here – just get some of this laid out.

Oh, and I almost forgot the verse I read this morning that inspired me to write this post in the first place (at the risk of looking like a crazy person): And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17 KJV. 

If the KJV gets the translation right here, the mark, the name, and the number are all individual things (any one of which someone could have to buy or sell), or it might mean that they are all one thing at once: a mark, a name, AND a number and that anyone having it has what can be thought of as either a mark, a name, or a number. (Maybe it’s saying, “call it what you want.”) It might also mean that John the revelator saw the symbol and didn’t know whether it was a mark, a name, or a number. He did recognize, however, that the individual components represented 600, 60, and 6.

Another option, however, is that most of the other translations get it right where the KJV gets it wrong: “so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

In this scenario, the mark is just a mark, and John doesn’t claim to know whether it’s a name or a number. He recognizes that it could be either one, and he also recognizes that it would total 666.

One more option. John drew a picture of the symbol that he saw, thinking of neither name nor number, and later, a translator’s gloss was added, and THEY didn’t know whether it was supposed to represent a number or a name either. They did leave a note for future readers, however, because they recognized the value of the number, and wanted us to be on the lookout, in case it does, in fact, turn out to be a number.

A few other interesting things: 

Satan is in the business of stealing our health from us, but making it look like he is doing us a favor. Think of the deception of Eve (who was later covered by the skin of a sacrificial animal – so I don’t think that deceived people are held eternally responsible for actions taken under deception); think of the pharmaceutical industry (who have begun to push immunizations at an almost exponential rate now that they can no longer be sued for them). They steal our health via immunizations early in life (from day 1), and then spend the rest of our lives selling our health back to us – making themselves out to be heroes in the process. Sounds just like Satan, doesn’t it?

The red dragon (China’s version is a red serpent with legs) of Revelation 12 has seven heads with seven crowns (coronas). Covid-19 is the 7th coronavirus that can affect human beings. The serpent is referred to as a beast in Genesis, so we know the term “beast” doesn’t exclude reptiles. It is also explicitly referred to as a serpent in Revelations 12:9.

In Enoch, the sins of the whole world will eventually end up on Azazel’s head (Azazel is the “scapegoat” of Leviticus, and the entire Day of Atonement ritual is better understood in light of the book of Enoch). In ancient Hebrew writings, Azazel also has 7 heads and is waiting in a pit as punishment for his pre-flood sins. The beast of Revelation was, and is not, and comes up from a pit.

My conclusions: I think China will eventually control the entire world, under the very symbol of the serpent before the fall (legs and all). I think that it may be controlled by a person possessed by Azazel. I think they will require a vaccine (under the symbol of the star of life) in order to work, buy, sell, or go into public places. I think those deceived or pressured into taking it will live a miserable existence for the next 7 or so years.

I might be having delusions of grandeur. I might be wrong about EVERYTHING. But, I cannot continue to sleep at night knowing that I MIGHT be onto something, and knowing that billions of people might suffer the consequences of a vaccine funded by the man who is known for his agenda of depopulating the world. I have to say what I’ve been thinking, even if I am crazy, ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that Israel is on the verge of having a legitimate red heifer for the dedication of the third temple. All things will eventually converge and happen according to the visions of John the revelator. Whether it happens in our lifetimes or not, it WILL eventually come to pass. Why not now? 

I’m ready for an end to all suffering. After the seven years of great tribulation, the prisoners will be set free. (I’m thinking trafficked children in particular.) I keep accidentally praying for things to go back to “normal” or at least for 4 more years to prepare myself – learn to live off the land, etc. But in reality, that would be 4 more years for pedophiles to have their way – and I would give my life today to put an end to that forever. So, no, I truly hope the tribulation is upon us, for their sakes.