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Fun New Way to Improve My Spanish Vocabulary

MouseSo I haven’t been trying very hard to acquire the language lately, but I have been reading from Spanish books on my Kindle and browsing Spanish Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. I haven’t learned very many new words this way, but I have found that I am able to recall words that I already know more quickly and easily. What I really need to do is just sit down and study some new vocabulary, but until then, I have found a Chrome application that will throw foreign words (in the language of your choice) into the web pages that you visit. There are five different levels of immersion. This app has a lot of bad reviews because sometimes the substituted words are out of context or get translated as a homophone. For instance, I was reading someone’s blog just now about going on a trip and she suggested to pack light. The translator used the Spanish word “luz” for light, which would be nothing more than a reminder to take a flashlight with you, lol. However, I am having fun with it, and hopefully I will pick up a few words along the way. At least, using this extension all the time, I won’t be able to forget about my language-learning goals in the daily swing of things.

I Can’t Sleep

I wonder how much of my life has been spent tossing and turning, trying to go to sleep, only to fail for hours on end before drifting off from total mental and physical exhaustion? I have no idea why I am having so much trouble sleeping lately, except that my mind has been going, going, going. You would think that I would be so tired of thinking by the end of the day, but ideas seem to multiply themselves like rabbits. I guess I could watch TV before going to bed and numb my mind down to nothing, but I really don’t want to. What I want to do is write, and what I don’t want to do is lay in bed and become frustrated. So, even though I have a pretty busy day planned tomorrow, I am going to stop torturing myself by trying to sleep. If I am tired tomorrow night, I will just go to bed earlier, so there. Maybe then I’ll be able to sleep like a regular human being.

So, I had a different post planned for in the morning, but here is what I am thinking about right now. In fact, I wrote parts of the following portion of this post from my phone, in bed, about 10 minutes ago:

During church service Sunday morning, we sang “This Is My Father’s World.” Our song leader mentioned that he always thinks of that song when he spends time outside hunting. I usually think of “I Sing the mighty Power of God” or “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

I love spending time outside because it reminds me of the Creator. It puts us closer to the mind of God, helps us The Creationunderstand Him a little better. He loves beauty. He loves serenity. He loves painting new masterpieces in the sky for our entertainment. He enjoys watching the industry of the animals and the interaction between the plant and animal world. In short, He loves His creation. He loves us.

I am afraid that the more time we spend indoors, and the more we surround ourselves with man-made things, the less we will remember our Creator. And, until I started going to the city every day, I would sometimes go for days on end without ever stepping foot outside. Our lives revolve around technology (I say, as I sit up late at night typing instead of sleeping). I remember once or twice last winter, I wanted to know whether it was snowing. But instead of getting up to look out the window, I picked up my phone and looked at my weather app. I know better, but I am still hopeless! I really need to make an effort to spend time outside every day, remembering my Creator and talking to Him.

Do you think there is a disconnect between humans and nature?

Do you think it’s important to spend time outdoors?

Do any of you all make it a point to go outside on a regular basis?

Internet for Children?

Just what is our responsibility when it comes to teaching our kids how to be safe on the internet? If we use the internet in our homes, or even when we visit the local library, we can expect our children to use it when they move out. How much will they know about internet safety, ethics, and discernment (when it comes to figuring out which sources are trustworthy)? If we wait until they are adults and allow them to figure it out for themselves (as many of us did), it will be much easier for them to stray or make mistakes. Should we just teach them diligently about God and make sure they know right from wrong, and leave the rest to them? Or should we take deliberate steps to prepare our children for independence in cyberspace? I have a few ideas of my own, but I would like to collect some of yours!