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A Breath of Fresh Air

After one of the longest winters I can remember, the summer has swept in and rescued me. Ian is on a break from homeschool, and has spent about half of June so far in the swimming pool. When he’s swimming, I have time to clean, organize, reflect, even write!

Writing GroupI had pretty much fallen out of the writing habit, as evidenced by my online absence here. Lately, however, some friends and I have been meeting every Tuesday morning for a bit of gabbing and writing. In addition to myself, the group is comprised of six wonderful ladies: my sister, a long-time friend, two of my homeschooled friends, a former paino student who has stuck with me over the years, and one of her friends.

We get together with the intent to write, but we usually spend the first hour or so catching up with each other, talking about goals, perhaps reading something out loud that we wrote over the last week. It’s very laid back, and we like it that way. Then, when we have run out of things to chat about, we start writing. We go until everyone’s pencil has stopped scratching, usually about ten minutes or so. Then we read our pages, and everyone chimes in with something positive to say.

This whole experience has been amazingly refreshing for me, and I’m truly enjoying my summer. Two of us have even published Kindle books in the last couple of weeks!