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Cursive Writing Worksheets

My second-grader is beginning to work on his cursive writing skills. He had so much trouble with learning to print, I figured that cursive writing would be a big deal, so I’ve taken a pretty laid-back approach. Thankfully though, he seems to enjoy it! He even uses bits of cursive on his language worksheets when the mood strikes him! Anyway, we used the worksheets found at http://www.kidzone.ws/cursive/index.htm to get him started. He learned all of his lower-case letters this way, and he didn’t have any trouble. I didn’t see any capital letters on this site however, so I’ve been making my own worksheets at http://www.worksheetworks.com/english/writing/handwriting/handwriting-cursive-trace.html. If you skip a line when making these worksheets, there will be a blank line when you print as well. That way, your child can get used to tracing and writing on his own.

I’ve been making worksheets with lots of capital letters. The first day, we brainstormed the names of all of his friends. Yesterday, I typed in the names of all of the states and their capitals. That was a little tedious, so I’m going to upload a PDF so you all can use it if you like. As I make more worksheets for him, I will upload some PDFs. Here are some of my ideas for worksheets:

Books of the Bible

Names of family members and friends

States and capitals


Memory verses

Personal info (phone number, street address, full name, parents’ names, etc.)

Months of the year

Days of the week

Spelling words


Spanish vocabulary

Obviously, some of these aren’t great for capital letters, but I figured that he might as well be writing in cursive for things that he needs to memorize, such as spelling words and memory verses.

Here is the PDF generated by WorkSheetWorks.com: Cursive States and Capitals