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Ten year anniversary

Jesse and I had our 10-year anniversary yesterday. I won’t say we celebrated it, and you’ll understand why once you read about how we spent our day. First, we…

…did absolutely nothing.

Second, we…remembered at 6pm that it was our anniversary.

Third, we gave each other a kiss and laughed about how we both forgot.

Well, we may have missed out on a chance to celebrate on our anniversary, but I’m sure we’ll make it up to each other this weekend. It’ll definitely be more fun to go out on a Friday or Saturday rather than a Wednesday.

And I definitely don’t want to pass up this chance to thank God for my wonderful husband.

We have the kind of love that makes us forget that we aren’t still teenagers. We love to be silly and tease each other, and we love each other for their silliness. (I think it makes me feel normal, knowing that there’s someone else in the world who is as silly as I am.)

We have the kind of love that scares me. I love him so much, it scares me to think that I may lose him someday.

We have the kind of love that makes our home a refuge. No matter how bad things are at work or in any of our other relationships, we can handle the stress at any given moment by knowing that we’ll be together again each evening. Kudos to the military families out there who are able to wait so long in-between. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

We have the kind of love that reminds me of God’s redemption. We love each other in spite of our faults, and our occasional sarcasm, complaining, or whininess. When one of us says something or does something that’s uncalled for, the other generally remains silent. Then a few minutes later, we’ll talk about what we did today or something else completely normal, and everything is wonderful again!

If you have something wonderful to say about your spouse today, feel free to comment!