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Are You Busy Enough?

I was singing through the first verse of “The King Is Coming” by Bill Gaither, when it dawned on me that every statement in that verse could be construed as an analogy – as an exhortation to get busy for God:

The marketplace is empty (consumerism has no value)

No more traffic in the streets (we are going nowhere fast)

All the builder’s tools are silent (monuments and personal achievements are worthless)

No more time to harvest wheat (time for preaching salvation will soon be past)

Busy housewives cease their labor (our lives pass us by when we get carried along by the mundane)

In the courtroom no debate (life is too short to spend it making trouble)

Work on earth has been suspended as the King comes through the gate! (It really will happen one of these days! We won’t always speak of this event in future tense!)