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Create a Memorization Flipbook

I initially created this flip-book to help my son memorize his lines for our May Musical. I made one for him last year too, but didn’t take pictures. Also, last year, his reading skills weren’t so hot, but after we practiced together several times, he was able to figure the words out well enough to practice on his own. I realized though, as I sat down to type this, that you could also use the flip-book to memorize other things too. For instance, you could write Books of Law on one side, and Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy on the other. Or a scripture reference, or whatever. Just use your imagination! I love these flip-books because my son can practice his lines on his own when I’m busy, and their small enough to drop into my purse and memorize on the go.

You will need twice as many index cards as you have lines to memorize. (I tape them back to back because the markers bleed through, but alternatively, you could use an ink pen and write on both side of one index card. Funny, I just now thought of that. That’s probably what I will do next year.) You will also need writing utensils (two different colors), one or more binder rings, a hole-puncher (the corner of a 3-hole-punch would work too), some tape (if you do it the hard way, like me), and your script.

Punch holes in the corner of each card, on opposite sides of the cards that go together. I wrote my son’s line in orange, and the preceding line in blue. Tape the cards together, back to back.

Now you’re ready to put them on the binder ring!