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Does God get bored?

Are there some who¬†really struggle with a question of whether God really loves them or not? Do they think that maybe He has moved on to somebody more interesting? Or that He doesn’t have a plan for them anymore – either because He’s given up on them or because He’s bored?

Robert Bugh seems to think so. He refers to people (not himself) having these feelings over and over in his book When the Bottom Drops Out. I can only assume Mr. Bugh knows what he’s talking about, since he is a pastor who has personally counselled countless souls.

This is a new concept for me and difficult for me to grasp. No one that I know has ever articulated such feelings to me. I’ve certainly never felt that way. I have questioned my love for God (or at least the depth of it) many times, but never the other way ’round.

I know God loves me because here I am. I’m living proof that God thought of me – conceptualized me. For a while, I was merely an imaginary person in the mind of God. Even after thinking of poor, imperfect me, He went on with His idea and created me anyway. Before all of that, He died for me. Now, He’s not only created a place for me in His kingdom, but He sees me through life, He ordains my steps, convicts me, comforts me, etc. In short, He involves Himself in every tiny aspect of my life.

He loves me! And I am more important to Him than I am to myself or anyone else on this earth. He rejoices in my spiritual progress and grieves when I mess my life up. He was very pleased with me on the day I gave my life to Him, and He continues to be pleased as I continue to give my life to Him everyday in obedience. He smiles on me, and blesses me. He loves me!

And He loves you too!