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I wanna go back.

I was reading a book review about a book set in the forties. There were 47 comments, and most of the women mentioned that they often wished they had lived in that era. And here I thought I was the only person who longed for “the olden days!”

So many times, I’ve wished that I had been a young married woman in the 40s. I’d like to emulate that lifestyle even now. I’ve even looked online for old sewing patterns so I can dress like they did! But then, it dawned on me one day, as I sat there wondering why God saw fit to place me in the 21st century, that it’s probably a good thing that we’re not all satisfied with how our lifestyles are now. It’s probably good that some of us are looking backwards, trying to bring back the good things from eras long past, seeking out the old paths.

If we were all pressing forward all the time, where would we be today?