The Heart of the Christmas Controversy

It’s that time of the year again. I wrote this 4 years ago, and while I have changed my mind about a couple of details mentioned in the post, the “heart” of the matter is still very much the same. One thing I wanted to add, and that is the reason that God told the Israelites not to worship Him the way the pagans worship their gods. So even if you don’t acknowledge that we are all the same (neither bond nor free, Jew nor Greek, etc), and that we all fall under the same covenantal promises, and therefore the same covenantal restrictions, would you at least agree that Christians shouldn’t want to do things that God said He hates? It’s true that God looks on the heart, and that to the pure all things are pure, but if you refuse to adhere to the plain black and white words from the very mouth of the Creator, then I must ask – where is your heart? And how can you be pure if you have read the words and dismissed them out of hand?

Full Circle Homeschooling

I posted the following article to my FaceBook page the other day. I had a request to post it here as well.

It is here for your consideration only, not as an encouragement to argue, not as a judgment, not out of bitterness, nor an effort to try to make anyone look silly, etc. However, please do feel free to comment, because I am ever seeking for a greater understanding of the truth. I am still learning, so what may look like a pompous thesis is merely a collection of my current conclusions. Our God is eternal, and we will eternally be discovering His awesomeness, so I am under no delusion to have discovered everything about Him, His personality, His revelation, His great big wonderful plan of redemption, or even His will for my small role in the grand scheme of things. I am constantly studying, constantly learning, constantly facing…

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