I have had a few really great conversations this week on other blogs, and I thought it would be interesting to share them here.

Note, the following blog posts do not necessarily reflect my opinion. A couple of these conversations were interesting because I disagreed with the author. However, in each instance, the author engaged me with respect, and we had intelligent, enlightening interactions with one another.

I believe it’s important to read and consider things that we may not necessarily agree with. How will we know what we really believe about an issue if we’ve only ever heard one side?

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” I Thessalonians 5:21

The Church Got it Wrong, by William Bouker

“The church would have us believe that the Law of Moses somehow became void.”

Interesting reading. The church definitely needs to see this. You will need to read the comments if you want to know where I stand.

The God of Slavery, by KIA

The God of slavery…again? by KIA

This blogger has written a series of posts about the immorality of slavery, what the Bible says about it, and the Christian response. I think it’s a topic we need to seriously consider. I think we need to read our Bibles to see what it really says instead of merely defending what we think it says. In my opinion, the topic of slavery foreshadows Christ. You will see what I mean if you read through the comments. (My comments are on the second link. I included the first link for context.)

Jesus and His Eternal Rest, by PreacherWin

When I first read this post, I agreed with almost every single word, but I misunderstood the author’s perspective. The conversation that ensued was quite interesting, to be sure! My last comment, however, was never approved for posting. I am assuming that the writer just hasn’t been on his blog lately, or that he wanted the last word. It is his blog, after all. Anyway, here is my last comment for you all to read, just in case it never shows up on his page. Note, you may want to read his article first, the comment section next, and finally my last comment, which follows:

Edited: He responded! I just hadn’t waited long enough, lol. So I’m going to delete my comment from this post. If you want to read the conversation, hop on over to his blog!

4 responses to “Conversations

  1. Keith A. Wadley

    I went and read three of the four you posted. I am now following that first guy. He seems intriguing. The slavery guy who was writing in response to the one lady threw me off. I see it as a classic case of someone claiming a morally superior viewpoint but not having a basis for the viewpoint that stands on its own. We may not like what we read in the Old Testament or even in Paul’s writings in the New Testament, but that does not mean they are not true or that they are not a better way to live. I think a lot of folks, including myself, fail to see how we have a utopia concept that we apply to the world that is unfounded. We cannot articulate our viewpoints or why we believe those things but it is how we think the world should work. We have to get at that core in order to reach the Truth. I think Paul said it but I could be wrong, “God’s commandments are not burdensome.” They exist to give us life in the most enjoyable way possible.

    • You are so right! I do believe that a major reason we have so many atheists today is because people have their own ideas about what constitutes morality. Every man does that which is right in his own eyes – there’s no standard. It’s funny that they can think they are morally superior when many of them don’t even believe in a standard at all…confuses me as to what must be going on upstairs.

      It’s true that God only ever gave us righteous laws, and that all His ways are not burdensome and lead us to life!
      Re: utopia concept. I have been working my way back through the Bible over and over to try to break down some of my misconceptions. It is quite a journey!

  2. Thank you for the bump on my posts. May it open discussion and thoughtful consideration of a very emotional and difficult topic. All are welcome to read the originals and the comments sections for them. Thx again

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