Research Paper Tutoring

I have recently begun to reach out to my community as a tutor in a couple of different  areas. While most subjects work best with face-to-face interaction, I think that RESEARCH PAPER WRITING, since it includes deadlines, would be well-suited to an email course. Here is my reasoning for that: I am afraid that if students realize how friendly I am, they may turn in late papers, make excuses, etc.

Part of college prep is getting your student used to working within someone else’s parameters. It is important that they learn to follow instructions for page format, source stipulations, note-taking, draft requirements, length of final document, etc.

However, in these times we’re living in, I realize it is difficult for homeschool families (or anyone else) to squeeze even one more item into their budgets, no matter how much they believe their children really need the class. So, in lieu of offering weekly classes where everyone comes together to meet, this is what I have come up with:

I can create a five or ten week course that your child can take via email. I would help them every step of the way, from narrowing down a topic, taking good notes, avoiding plagiarism, arranging the outline, all the way through to the rough and final draft. I would charge $10 per project if the parents want to help their kids correct grammar and punctuation on the two drafts, and $15 if they wanted me to do it. (I don’t mind, but it is the most tedious part.) At the end of the class, I will send you a PDF copy of my ebookWrite an Outstanding Paper, for free.

The class could be taken one of two ways: via email or Eliademy (especially helpful if you want your college-bound student to get a taste for online classes).

I would like to open this opportunity up to not only my local homeschoolers, but anyone who would be interested here as well. Folks could pay for the course via PayPal (all you would need is my email address). Let me know what you think! Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

3 responses to “Research Paper Tutoring

  1. $10-15 per project? This sounds like you are giving a REAL BARGAIN. My Turabian reader for my dissertation charged more than $125 just to proof read for my last chapter and ensure I formatted it correctly according to the 8th edition. She had her work cut out though because my chapter was long. My next chapter is twice as long because I had to present my argument. Ugh. I’ll be glad to finish.

    • Lol, well, I figured most of the work has been done on my end, especially if I’m not correcting grammar. (And I don’t intend to assign any horribly long papers, either, lol.) I already have the method written, I just figured I would release it a little at a time, by way of weekly assignments. So, I’m basically just offering the service of setting them deadlines and introducing them to my method while I’m at it. BTW, can’t wait to call you Dr. Potter!!

      • Well thank you. I think It’ll feel strange. It’s been a long time coming with tons and tons of hard work over several years. I feel weird when people call me anything formal. 😀 but I’ll give it a whirl at least for a day.

        I hope you get a bunch of people to sign up for your class.

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