Being Neighborly: a Writing Prompt

NeighborsWrite about one of your neighbors, only with a twist. If it’s a friendly neighbor, think of a way to make them sinister, plotting evil things, people that are only nice on the surface. Surely they have ulterior motives. If it’s a neighbor you can’t stand, write about the trials of their life, what made them become that way, and how they are soft-hearted underneath and just waiting for the right “friend” to bring their true personality to the surface in true Pollyanna form…

3 responses to “Being Neighborly: a Writing Prompt

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  2. Hello! Thank you for your prompt 🙂 I was planning a story called ‘The Neighbour’ for a few days and then I stumbled across your writing prompts, and to my surprise, your prompt was on just that!

    I’ve now just written my story of 1000 words (well 950!) and I have linked back to your site and prompt to give you credit. I’ll leave the story URL if you wish to read it; it’s a Tragedy piece that fits your prompt well of it having a twist.

    Once again, thank you….And what a twist in itself that this prompt came up!

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