TruthIsn’t it funny that we can forgive people for almost anything, but if we find out they were lying to us, it is a thousand times harder? Almost all romantic movies include a breakup near the end as a result of lying or withholding information. Isn’t it incredible that almost everyone does it, but they feel so abused when someone lies to them? My husband and I watched the televisions series Lie to Me a while back and something dawned on me. The human body doesn’t want to tell lies. It rebels against the very idea. We weren’t created for dishonesty, and it shouldn’t come naturally to us. What do you think about this topic?

2 responses to “Honesty

  1. While our body might rebel (in the sense of giving us away when we are lying) which yes, is an indication that we were not made to be this way, our depraved nature is inclined toward the practice. I believe everyone is dishonest about something. The motives for the dishonesty are variegated (pride, ego, fear etc…). We certainly need the help of the Spirit to tame the tongue (James 3:8) and sanctify our heart–to give us the courage to be honest and live honest. It’s interesting but as you read the events that occurred on the Day of Pentecost the first thing the Holy Spirit sanctified was the tongue of his disciples (Peter in particular) who days before lied about knowing Jesus. He (and all of the disciples who promised Jesus they would be willing to die for him–that they wouldn’t run Matt 26:35) went from lying to declaring the wonderful works of God

    • Yes, it does seem weird that something that is so physically unnatural for us can be the most natural thing in the world at the same time. Natural in the sense of being carnal or fleshly. We have to take special care to try to be honest in every situation, to cultivate a lifestyle of honesty to the best of our abilities, so that being genuine will start being more natural for us as individuals. Thank God for His love and changing power over our lives – that he can take people, who are so inclined to dishonesty, and transform them into servants of the Most High God.

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