Planning for Spontaneity

DriveEleven, twelve, thirteen years ago, before my son was born, my husband and I used to drive and drive. And drive. Sometimes we would spend hours in the car, going basically nowhere. Once in a great while we would end up a few towns over. I remember once, when we were about an hour or so away, we looked at the clock and said, “Hmmmm…we could have been in Memphis by now if we’d driven straight there.” We had been driving for five hours that day, just for fun. So today, we’ve arranged for a babysitter, and we’re off! Nothing to do today but drive. Where will we end up? No idea. No plans at all, except to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and relive the nostalgia of going for a drive.

2 responses to “Planning for Spontaneity

  1. Hope your drive was fun, with nice weather and wonderful traffic flow!

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