Plans for My Non-Reader

I am going to make him read 30 minutes every day, and I am planning to have him spend 10 minutes in 3 different books, until he finds a book he likes. At the end of the week, if he hasn’t been grabbed by something, I’m going to have him choose his favorite book so far (even if he doesn’t like it very much) and finish it by reading 30 minutes a day until he’s done. (I would just wait until he finds a book he likes, but I’m afraid that may never happen, and I don’t want to start a habit of not completing things he’s started.) When he’s done with that book, we’ll start the cycle over again. I The Readerhave all kinds of good books in the house, so hopefully something will get his attention. Last night, he was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and actually laughing out loud from the other room, so maybe that series will be a keeper. He’s a great reader, but he still detests reading, and I hate that for him, especially since he’s going to have to read so much in high school and college. I’m okay with him not being a life-long reader. His dad isn’t a reader, and we get along fantastically, and he is still a very intelligent person, and my son is too. But it would be nicer for both of us if he enjoyed it. Have any of you all done anything differently that worked for your kids?

2 responses to “Plans for My Non-Reader

  1. We are on a daily reading schedule with our first grader of reading “one book”. Sometimes it’s short, sometimes not. I’m trying to make sure his options are all subjects he is interested in… So far, it’s working ok, but I’m not sure that he will grow into a lifelong reader! My feeling now is that daily consistency is more important than getting in a certain amount every day. I’m interested to see how it goes for you!

    • Consistency is certainly important. My son finally became a good reader bc we were consistent. He still doesn’t enjoy it though. Although today he read an extra 15 minutes more than he had to, so hopefully I’ve been doing something right!

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