What happened to happy homes?

Men and women need each other. They complement each other. One has what the other lacks. That is the way it was in the beginning. Women respected men for their protection and hard labor, for bringing the food home. Men still fill these roles, for the most part. Men respected women for making the home a haven for him and her, and their children. The woman made the man’s job worth doing, and his life worth living. I think we lost our equality when we stepped outside of what we do best, and began to desire to fill the roles that men do best. Men stopped appreciating women because they were competing with them, and because their home lives became a wreck. Now there was no one to make life worth living anymore. Men can’t do it themselves because they aren’t very good at nurturing. Men resent women for jumping off the home-maker’s wagon because now the job isn’t getting done at all – at least not as well as it once was. Superwomen types try to do it all, but we shouldn’t ask so much of ourselves. It leads to burnout and resentment because women who stay that busy begin to believe that the men aren’t doing enough. Single people don’t struggle with these issues, because there’s nobody to resent. And I realize that there are probably many working couples out there who have their lives and schedules worked out well enough to live in harmony with each other. (But I don’t happen to personally know any of them.) But I do believe that, in general, families were happier and healthier 100 years ago, before society told us that everyone had to work so much. I know my opinion won’t be popular, but that’s just how I see things.

4 responses to “What happened to happy homes?

  1. ClarinetCaitlin

    I’ve grown up with seeing both perspectives. I can see the value of a woman working, as well as the value of a woman staying home. My parents chose to have my mom stay home, and they are happy. But I also know my clarinet teacher and his wife work together in the same job, and they are also happy. It all depends on your situation, and what God has planned for you.

    • You’re absolutely right, Caitlin. God has a plan for each of us, and we are always happiest when we are right smack in the middle of it. However, discounting individuals and looking at our nation as a whole, I think we would be better off and our families would be stronger if we had more traditional families.

  2. This theme is more popular than you might expect. It courses through the blood of us all, if we allow ourselves to feel it, and to think.

    We all work. Those who stay home work. However, the men are not so good at house and home work, as you said, and yes, it is partly because they lack the nurture nature, but also because they lack the physical ability to produce milk. Really it’s a no-brainer who should stay at home.

    Daycares are horrible at nurturing children, too. They remind me of the military — with Barney added. Ick.

    How did we get this way? I think in the end, the men thought they could get more if they “let” us “work” (meaning: sell ourselves outside the home.) Mostly it started with WWII, when they thought if we abandoned the home for them, then they could make a bigger war. It’s all totally debatable. They never dreamed they would end up underemployed because we deserted our jobs to take theirs.

    But now that it is crystal clear, still they find it hard to see. To think. To feel. I guess they’re still looking through money-colored glasses. 😐

    I think there are occasional exceptions. I do not think everyone on earth is the exception, right?

    • Yeah, I’m sure there are exceptions, but for the most part I think we have been deceived. It’s getting harder and harder for families to operate on one income, and I feel sorry for those who are forced to be two-income families. A lot of times, I think people could perhaps operate on one income if they were willing to give up a few things, such as cable, expensive cell-phone bills, convenience foods, etc. But sometimes people just get stuck. Hmmm…I guess there’s a whole other post in there somewhere. Yeah, I’ve heard that about WWII. I guess the women got used to working outside the home and didn’t want to go back. Seems strange to me, but you’re probably right: they were seeing dollar signs…

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