A Not-So-Liberal Education?

I have been researching famous home-schoolers for a couple of years now – you know, like George Washington Carver, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright brothers. One thing that I keep finding over and over: very few of these people had a liberal education. Most of them became intensely focused on one thing – and that’s usually what they became famous for. While we are still doing all of our core subjects, I am learning to feel less guilty when I allow my son an afternoon playing with clay models or building something in Google Sketchup. Who knows? He may be the next Frank Lloyd Wright! BTW, Do you think Mr. Wright would have enjoyed playing Minecraft?

2 responses to “A Not-So-Liberal Education?

  1. I don’t KNOW! (As in: What is Mindcraft?) 😆

    He might have sniffed at Auto-CAD, though. 🙂

    And don’t you LOVE all those stories!

  2. LOL! Minecraft is a computer game that my son and his friends use to build landscapes, houses, and other models. It’s pretty primitive, but they really have a lot of fun, and you can build lots of different things!
    I really do enjoy learning about the lives of those homeschoolers. They are all so very interesting, and many times exhorting as well!

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