Unschooling Science Ideas, Anyone?…Anyone?

Okay, a question for my homeschool friends: I have a friend who is beginning to homeschool two of her girls, grades 5th and 7th, I believe. One of her girls is exempt (in the public schools) from having to learn science and history. It has something to do with a 504, which, I admit, I did not look up, so I have no idea what it is. What I did look up was this: unschooling science ideas. I was going to move to history after that, but I had no luck whatsoever with the science search and became frustrated. I thought it would be cool to give my friend a general idea of what unschoolers do for science and history, so she could work them in somehow even though they aren’t required. All I found where specific activities, mostly written by people who were bragging about what their kid learned on that specific day. I realize unschooling is supposed to be totally based on the interest of the child, but what if your child isn’t interested at all? What then? Surely there are things the parent can do to nudge the child toward learning science. What would those things be? All I can think of are watching documentaries and reading books on specific scientific ideas, perhaps a book about birds or rock formations, etc. Also I thought a book of science experiments might be handy to have around. But other than that, is there something a parent could do to make the study of science more readily available to their child? For history, again, all I can think of are documentaries and books. Luckily, historical fiction would be somewhat educational as well. I’m not an unschooler, so I’m clueless, but I think it would be nice to compile a list and have it available on my blog, so that other clueless people could begin to unschool with history and science, if they so desire. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will pass the ideas on to my friend, and if I get enough response, I will repost, using all of your ideas, so that we can have a proper list all in one place.

2 responses to “Unschooling Science Ideas, Anyone?…Anyone?

  1. So I have no kids and have no clue what an unschooler is (though the idea sounds interesting!) but I do know that stories are powerful things, even for a middle school-aged kids. If she can find a way to weave science and history into stories, that might help. Again, I have NO idea, but if I were a kid and my mom told me stories of history or how chemistry made something explode, I would’ve been curious about the subjects enough for my mom to maybe mention some concepts.

    Again, not sure if that’s helpful in any way, haha, but it was just a thought.

    • Thank you Elisa! I think it’s a very good idea. And it’s very general, which is just what I was looking for! Anyone could use this to enhance their curriculum. I will send the idea along to my friend, and if I get very many more comments, I’ll make a new post.

      A friend on FB posted this website for a place to find a bunch of specific activities: http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/

      I also found a website with ideas to help teachers integrate science into their other subjects. I had to Google “cross-curricular science” to find it, but there are probably many more out there. Teachers could probably also Google “cross-curricular history” and see what turns up: http://www.teachhub.com/integrate-science-across-curriculum

      Thanks for your valuable input, Elisa! I always enjoy reading your comments.

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