A Prompt Disguised as Playing with Your Kids

Here’s one that I think will be really fun for you all. And not only will you be inspiring your muse, but you will also be relieving some guilt at the same time. You know that guilt you get when you’re spending time writing instead of playing with your kids? Well, check this out:

Take a half hour to an hour out of your busy writing schedule to inspire a new character in your story. Only instead of staring at the wall trying to come up with ideas, let your kids do the work. Tell them you want to play a story with them, and ask them how they want it to go, and who they want you to pretend to be. While playing with them, follow all of their leads, no matter how crazy or unbelievable, and just see where their imagination takes you. When nap-time rolls around, spend a few minutes jotting down the ideas that you just gleaned from playing a round of make-believe!

2 responses to “A Prompt Disguised as Playing with Your Kids

  1. Little kids can have some unexpectedly great story ideas. I’ve yet to wholly forget the adventure my babysitting wards and I came up with during our last time together; something about a super cool crime-fighting team of a turtle and fox vs. giants. A childlike imagination is a goldmine!

  2. It sure is! I remember my cousins and I going on all sorts of fantastic adventures when we were kids! My son even gives me whole book ideas sometimes. Children’s books, but books nonetheless…

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