A Prompt Disguised as Make-Believe

Remember pretending? It’s that thing we did when we were kids. See if you can conjure up a little anxiety or fear as you walk. Is someone following you? What about a ferocious bear (if you’re in the woods)? Or imagine that you are on a mission that you must accomplish at all odds. If you don’t find that information you’re looking for, the whole world is going to explode! Or maybe you are on your way to meet your favorite person, but you aren’t sure they’re going to show up. What kinds of things can you drum through your brain as you take step after step?

2 responses to “A Prompt Disguised as Make-Believe

  1. My sister and I are way too good at this. Yesterday, we were driving out in a kind of middle-of-nowhere place and passed a sign for a school, but we didn’t see any school, just what looked like a glimpse of a lake through all the plant life. Next thing you know, we’re half-convinced the lake does indeed contain a school…of zombie fish-children.
    What we need to work on is imagining *pleasant* things!

  2. Sounds like you have the makings of a great short story! My sis and I were walking through town a couple of weeks ago. It was the middle of the night, and we turned down an unfamiliar street to get away from a car that kept driving by. When we were about half-way down, the lamplight behind us went out! I have no idea why that happened, but suddenly we were bathed in darkness! I kept thinking of this prompt (it’s been collecting dust in an idea file for quite some time), but I was already so scared, I couldn’t bring myself to use my imagination to make things worse…

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