A prompt disguised as reminiscing…

Go through some old photos. Find a picture for which you remember nothing about the situation, and make it up. I think it would be fun to try a poem for this one!

6 responses to “A prompt disguised as reminiscing…

  1. Link to the photo behind the following: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=146863472044665&set=a.103478909716455.4939.100001630391502&type=3&theater

    My first tale was a masterpiece.
    I typed of everything I knew:
    Mommy’s silly songs (silly *everything*, with her),
    and Daddy’s scratchy beard (which would have to go, soon as my mouth was old enough to tell him),
    and imaginary friends from extraordinary places (they always flocked to me, for my mind was ever open).
    I recounted those last few weeks in the womb,
    Still in the near-enough past that I could more-or-less remember.
    (Mostly facts, and embellish the rest.
    The grownups couldn’t contradict me.)
    I knew the book would fly right off the shelves
    and into my readers’ imaginations.
    I’d be the youngest bestselling author that there ever was —
    my career made before I was even out of diapers!
    Babbling with pride, I showed my mother all I’d written.
    And she couldn’t read a word.
    They weren’t words, to her,
    just a lot of adorable nonsense.
    Same story with Daddy, and all the adults.
    Nobody understood my art!
    But, “Ah, well,” I consoled myself.
    “Ten years from now (or fifteen, twenty…),
    I’ll write another masterwork.
    This time, in proper English.”

    • Nice pic, and a great story! You’re always so entertaining! BTW, how do you add links to a comment? I’ve wanted to before…

      • Thank you! ^-^
        Not sure how one would link from just a file, but this one happened to be online already via Facebook, so all I had to do was copy/paste the URL. Here, I’ll experiment with just pasting in a pic…
        C:\Users\Danielle\Pictures\Budding Author.jpg
        Okay! New discovery:
        Right-click on a pic,
        get options like “Preview”, “Print”, “Copy”, and all that,
        select “Open With”, and one of my options there was “Internet Explorer”.
        I chose that, and the pic opened in a new window, complete with a URL to link, as demonstrated above. See if that works for ya. 🙂

      • …Hmm, but the link doesn’t appear to be assessible within the comment. Phooey; I’d hoped I was onto something.

      • …Although, if you copy that link into your– whatdoyoucallit, I want to say “browser”, it does direct you to the picture; at least, it does on my end. Is it merely because my computer already knows the file, or would it work for you?
        (Boy, I feel like a tech detective. #De-tech-tive! XD )

      • Nope, doesn’t work. I was really excited for a second though. I guess there’s probably a way to upload your pics and get links for them, but I’ve never needed to before, so I’ve never researched it. Thanks for letting me know how to add a URL though! I feel silly for asking now though, because the solution was so simple!

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