Post from the Past: Do we truly believe that God is in control?

If you study biology, chemistry, astronomy – well, just pick a science – you will gain an appreciation for God’s ingenuity and power like never before. For instance, the human body is a fearfully wonderful thing. When it’s working properly, every tiny cell is serving a purpose. They all work together to keep us alive. I have begun to mentally apply this awesome microscopic design on a larger scale – to the workings of every living person on earth. Does God have enough power to direct every detail of every person’s life in order to accomplish His will? He does. It seems to me that every person on the earth is like one cell in the body of God’s design. He is winding things up in preparation for The End, and we are all a part of that.

My way of looking at life has changed over the years. I used to believe that God only took a hand in the big events in my life. I used to believe that He just allowed some things to happen on their own – without any consideration from Him. I think I was making excuses for Him in my mind. I didn’t want to believe that people could suffer and die because of a decision on His part (tragic deaths, natural disasters, etc). The events of September 11, 2001 really bothered me. Why would God choose to end all of those lives? At the time – one thing never occurred to me: God loved those people more than I have ever loved anyone. God wanted a relationship with each of them. Do you think He allowed even one to die that, given one more chance, would have accepted Him? I like to think that the entire population of those who died that day were either already saved, or had made up their minds already against God. I know that’s radical, but I believe that God is just that powerful. And if that’s not the way He works, then I trust that His way is even better, and makes even more sense.

I don’t know when it happened or what caused it, but my perspective has changed a lot over the past year or so. I now believe – wholeheartedly – that God is in direct control of every tiny thing. I believe that He is telling the literal truth when He says that, “All things work together for good [my own emphasis].” The question is, do we really believe that He has that much power? Do we believe, for instance, when it rains, that it is exactly what every Christian needs on that day? When we get a new job, or when our dryer stops working, do we believe that He is blessing and/or molding us into something better? I’ve finally stopped worrying about things I can’t control. I figure that if I have sinned (say, for instance, that I’m a lazy employee), then I can take myself out of God’s will for my life. If I lost my job at that point, I would blame myself. However, if something happens, and I know that I haven’t had anything to do with it, I assume that God wanted it to happen. I assume that it’s in my best interest. In other words, my own sin is the only thing that can hinder God’s perfect will in my life. I know that a lot of people won’t agree with me. I just believe that He has enough power over our lives to work every tiny detail according to His will. Now, when something “bad” happens, I think, “What can I learn from this? What is God trying to tell me?”

Challenge: Obey God in every small detail. Trust Him to take care of everything else.

4 responses to “Post from the Past: Do we truly believe that God is in control?

  1. Hmmm… I liked your first paragraph, very insightful. Though I have to say this is quite debatable. God may have the power to work every detail to his will – but he has also given you free will (as I understand the Bible says so). So therefore the choices you make may be the reason you have a ‘bad’ day or a ‘good’ day. We all make ‘bad’ decisions from time to time – but we either learn from it , or we don’t. My parents are believers and if I can use them as example – they give a lot, of themselves, their time, their money to other people. Why I ask, does God not give them back the same? The reason I believe is because they haven’t learnt when to say ‘No’ to others. Other people also need to learn lessons and stand on their own at times – my parents have become enablers and facilitators for laziness many times.
    What is one of their biggest strengths, is also their weakness and because they are both giving – there isn’t one to balance it out.

    So yes, perhaps if you look at it from the perspective that God allows you to make choices then we can say he plays a part in every little detail.

    Just my thought.

  2. Yes, I totally believe that He allows us to make our own choices. And I believe what you say about having a good day or a bad day. But I also think that He works every small detail to the advantage of all believers – that He can because He is just that powerful. We have all been making our own decisions all along, everyone that’s ever lived on the earth. Yet at the same time, He has been able to weave all of our decisions and actions together to form His ultimate design. He’s fulfilled every prophecy and promise, all while allowing individuals to make their own decisions. Isn’t that incredible? I am totally awed by Him!

  3. So, to piggyback off the last comments, it’s like he foresaw every free will choice that everyone would ever make, and he planned his actions accordingly so that it would all work together toward his perfect end. So even when we’re screwing up, he’s already accounted for that in his calculations, and we haven’t thrown anything off.
    Wow. Never thought of it in that light before. That’s… dang reassuring, actually.

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