A Prompt Disguised as Art

You might want to get a partner for this one. Each of you should draw a picture that depicts a story you have in your mind. The story should be from your own head, it shouldn’t preexist. Shhh… Don’t tell your partner what you’re thinking. Then, swap pictures and write a story based on the ideas you get from the other person’s pic. If you don’t have a partner, you could just find a neat pic on the web, write a story about it, and later look to see what the picture was supposed to be about.

4 responses to “A Prompt Disguised as Art

  1. This sounds like an excellent game to play with writing buddies. (:

    • I definitely think it would be fun to try! I’m hoping that my son likes to write someday, so I can have a built-in writing buddy. (But he has to conquer spelling and master the physical act of writing before he will be able to enjoy creative writing very much…)

  2. What a cute idea! I sadly am terrible at drawing. I’d have to watch a program like ‘Get Squiggling’ First.

    • That’s okay! You could still do the modified version. Find a pic on the web and try it! Google Images work well because you can browse pics without seeing the page they’re attached to. If you have a writing partner, you could still do the whole “swap” thing!

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