Armbruster Puzzles

I made a mistake in one of my Famous Home Scholars articles. I was so embarrassed! However, my publisher forgave me (phew! I’m not fired!), and so did the nice fellow who brought the mistake to our attention. The man who wrote to the magazine (on behalf of the Wright Brothers) turned out to be a great guy, and while I will always regret that my error is in print, I am certainly happy to have made his acquaintance.

I learned a lot about him during the course of our correspondence: he loves model planes, he’s very sincere about education, and he creates word puzzles for children. He sent us a bunch of puzzles in the mail, and Ian has had a blast filling them out! Ian even created a game out of them by racing to see which of us could finish our puzzles first. After completing several of them, he wanted to write Mr. Armbruster and tell him how much fun he had! You can visit Mr. Armbruster’s website at

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