Taking a break…

Well, every year when December rolls around, I gear up for a break. Last year, we didn’t even do any homeschooling during that month, but this year, we’re going to keep up a couple of things such as times tables, typing, writing, and reading. He’s come so far this year; I don’t want to see him backtrack. Anyway, I will probably still post my “prompts disguised as…” on Mondays, and a few little things here and there, but I’ll be spending the rest of the month on odds and ends, such as writing our spring play and playing lots of board games! Enjoy your December! I certainly will!

11 responses to “Taking a break…

  1. The beauty of homeschooling is:

    It is your school–you can do whatever you want! 🙂

  2. Yes! Isn’t it absolutely wonderful??

  3. Oh, wow, writing your own play?? That is very talented!! I will miss seeing you around, that’s for sure. But taking a break and just enjoying family is so important!! Have a great Christmas!

  4. Enjoy your break! No doubt a well deserved one!

  5. Happy holidays (in both the Christmas and vacation senses)!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Hey, wanted you to know I am passing the Versatile Blogger award on to you! For rules, see my blog post from today, 12/4/11. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for the inspiration! ~ Sheila

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