A prompt disguised as forgetfulness

(Or, didn’t I do this already?): Choose any creative writing prompt (there are some on my resources page), and write a scene. When finished, put it away. Tomorrow (or next week), get out a clean sheet of paper (or open an empty word processing file), and write the exact same scene. Same plot, same conflict, same outcome. But don’t peek at yesterday’s until you’re all finished. Do this for as many days as you like, then compile your work to come up with your best possible scene! If you like the results, try this prompt with your WIP.

2 responses to “A prompt disguised as forgetfulness

  1. An intriguing idea! The words that we put down *now* are largely a product of *now*, even if we’ve done some degree of planning ahead. I occasionally wonder what a given scene/chapter/paragraph would have looked like if I’d written it earlier in the day or later in the week or what have you. I well may try this sometime!

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