Joke’s on you, Satan!

I can’t get over the fact that Satan thought he won when Christ was crucified. He  had all of the prophecies, yet he didn’t have the wisdom to know what was happening. His simple answer was to kill God, and I’m sure he congratulated himself when Christ breathed his last breath on the cross. His delusions didn’t last very long however, as Jesus showed up on his doorstep and confiscated the keys of death, hell, and the grave. All of Satan’s best laid plans have only ever resulted in one thing: victory for God’s people.

So when it looks like everything is falling apart in your life, and nothing is going as planned, don’t despair. Satan may think he’s winning the battle for your life. You may even think so, but never give up hope. God is the only one with all the answers; only He can see the big picture. Place yourself in His hands, and watch the Master at work.

2 responses to “Joke’s on you, Satan!

  1. Almost started snickering out loud. What can I say? It’s funny when the enemy’s failure is the punchline.

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