A prompt disguised…

I’ve been collecting my prompt ideas in a folder, and lately I’ve noticed a trend. I like to disguise my prompts as other things, such as exercising, vegging out, and sleeping. I’ve decided to post them for you, one at a time on Mondays, at least until I run out of ideas…

I hope you enjoy the first one – A Prompt Disguised as Shopping!

Go to a store where they sell used items, such as a resale shop or an antique mall. Look around for articles of inspiration. Even if you frequent antique stores, look at things you normally wouldn’t. What is the story behind the old typewriter? Did it belong to someone who changed the world, or someone who died without ever having the courage to send in their memoir? If you find something that sparks loads of creativity, buy it and keep it in your writing area. Or maybe you will find an object that becomes significant to your main character. Keep it as a souvenir to represent all the work and sweat that you poured into your book. You may even put up a little shelf, and collect an item for each book you write.

2 responses to “A prompt disguised…

  1. Oooh, on a single income, I could never afford that! However, most places would allow you to photograph the item. A scrapbook would work much better for me, money-wise and space-wise. PLUS it would be much less to dust! 😀

    • We’re on a budget too! 🙂
      To be honest, I would never follow my own advice and actually buy the item – I hate, hate, hate dusting. You won’t find a single trinket in my house. But I know some people who would actually like to keep a memento. If I ever get a maid…

      However, I do like going into antique stores and looking around. You still might find something to spark a story or a subplot, or just an object to add interest.

      Love the scrapbook idea, although I would be too shy to ask to take pics. Most likely, I would get my idea by wandering around and looking. Then I would come home, and try to download a pic that looks similar.

      Thanks for the ideas to photograph/scrapbook. Hopefully someone out there will want to try this exercise! With your advice, it’s good for any and all budgets!

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