The man’s name was

I’m quite upset with myself. This morning when I opened Reluctant Liaison to write, this is what I discovered. After three asterisks, which I am using to mark the beginning of a new scene, I found written the following words: “The man’s name was”

That’s it! No name at all. The thing that makes me really mad is that I not only remember the name, but I don’t remember any of the details of the scene I was preparing to write.

On top of that, I don’t even remember typing those four words at all! Am I losing my mind completely – can a person truly be that forgetful? Or is my husband playing a prank on me? I don’t think it was Ian, because he doesn’t know proper apostrophe usage yet.

And what on earth could have happened to me that I would stop right there? How could I not have finished my sentence? Granted, I probably didn’t have a name in mind yet, but when that happens, I type random letters until something emerges that I like. Science fiction, so I can get by with that right? In fact, all but five of the characters in this novel have named themselves, in just that manner. If I don’t like a name, I can always change it later. But back to the emergency that would have pulled me away from my laptop midsentence: I don’t remember anything like that happening yesterday. We went for pizza; Ian earned his first Book-It prize last night, but surely I wasn’t that hungry.


14 responses to “The man’s name was

  1. sounds like the day I was looking for my cell phone, rooting all thru my purse, even emptying it twice. Then searching the van all while getting irritated I couldn’t find it while speaking to my friend…. when I realized I was speaking to my friend ON my cell phone… then I got in the van and drove home… scary!

  2. That’s hilarious. Really, I’ve done that before. I actually wrote an entire scene I forgot about — how do you even do that? Haha. xD

    • I’m really afraid that maybe I wrote an entire scene and forgot to save it! I remember creating a name for someone yesterday, but I can’t remember who or when…or what. I’m really hoping that what I remember was earlier in the novel.
      So did you find your scene later, when you least expected it?

  3. Bless you, Dear! I’ve done so many similar things:
    1. I have an entire saved document entitled GUESS WHO. It is totally blank. I know I am the one who wrote that. Have NO idea why.
    2. I have gotten into the car after leaving my teens in it for just a while, to do a quick bit of shopping and they did not want to join me. The AC was on, the engine running, and I was searching all through my purse for my keys. Hello-o. I was in such a panic about maybe having left them in the store. My lovely kiddos nearly burst with contained laughter! 😐
    3. The best one is looking for my glasses while I am wearing them. Whew. Too scary.

  4. Oh, and if we end up in the same retirement home, they will be in trouble, for sure. Ha!

  5. Thats hilarious! I’ve done something similar before. As a matter of fact, i was looking throuh my contacts in phone one day to see if there were any unused numbers that I coud delete. I ran across several, and then one that said “The Pudgy One.” I was beside myself with confusion. I couldn’t ever remember putting that name in my phone, or who it belonged to for that matter. But I’m afaid to ask anyone else for fear of either sounding crazy or hurting someone’s feelings.

    • Ooh! Call The Pudgy One and invite him or her to your baby shower. If they show up: mystery solved!
      Or maybe Josh is pranking you…
      Pranking is always a possibility.

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