The difference between Peter and Judas

We’ve heard the stories over and over. Over-confident Peter denied Christ three times. Judas betrayed our Lord for money. Yet Peter went on to serve God with his life and death. Judas never found repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears. What was the difference between these two men? Was it the details of their sin? Betrayal is worse than denial maybe?

Sin is sin. We cannot know which sin is worse until we know how our sins are going to affect the future. How can we know the exact consequences of our individual sins? Only God knows that, and He commands us not to sin in the first place. Was Eve’s sin just an act of self-indulgence? Of eating something that wasn’t good for her body? No. Her sin lay in the fact that she disobeyed God. The act of disobedience to God is what makes something sin. Interesting that we would not know sin without the law, isn’t it? Almost like it is impossible to sin until you know better? I wrote about this topic once before in a recent post. No. The difference between Peter’s sin and Judas’ was the fact that Peter was caught off-guard, and Judas’ sin was premeditated. He had accepted the fact that he was going to sin.

Now what does that mean to you? How can seeing this difference change your life? Listen to this: you are going to sin. I am going to sin. As long as we are alive on this fallen earth, we cannot escape that reality. Does that give us an excuse to sin willfully, all the while smiling and saying, “Well, nobody’s perfect”? Of course not! Does that give us the excuse to have personality flaws and weaknesses, accepting them in our lives because we have committed the same types of sin hundreds of times, and we just can’t see ourselves changing? No! Accept the fact that you are a sinner, but never accept the sin. When we do sin, we need to reflect on it, pray about it, ask forgiveness for it, and then move on. We don’t have to live with guilt. That’s not what I am promoting. Do better next time. But we have to actually make an effort if we have any hope of doing better. We need to look for our weaknesses, the sin we return to over and over like an addict returns to his addiction. These are the areas that we need to take care of first. Don’t ignore them because they seem like part of your personality. Don’t accept them because they’ve always been around. Examine yourself and ask for God’s grace and help in dealing with these issues.

I know what my weaknesses are. I am very well aware of them because they nag at me constantly. Some of them, I have gone to great lengths to war against. I have set boundaries in my life to keep myself from coming within a mile of certain, life-destroying sins. I can never forget they are there; never let down my guard. (Overconfidence is very dangerous to a Christian seeking to avoid sin. I learned this the hard way.)

I know a couple of women. Now these women are literate; they can read. And they aren’t ignorant; they understand what they’re reading. However, there are a couple of scriptures in the Bible that they wish had never been penned. Or maybe they just wish they’d never read them. It’s not disobedience until they know better, after all. But these women have refused to honor God by obeying their husbands. They have lived their entire adult lives in direct disobedience to God. One of these women is finally starting to come around. I can see the difference in her life. Too bad she didn’t begin to obey until after she had already infected the other woman with her disobedient ideas and attitudes. Mothers, train your daughters to obey their husbands. Train them in word and in deed. They are watching you. And actions speak louder than words.

I am afraid we are losing femininity in our culture. Where will our daughters find themselves? Women are needed in the capacity that they were designed to fulfill. There’s nothing derogatory about that. We are needed. The world needs women, not just a bunch of men and a bunch of females aspiring to be men. I know that most of my posts seem to swing back around to the role of women, but I am truly concerned about this generation and the ones to follow.

7 responses to “The difference between Peter and Judas

  1. Interesting topic. I have a hard time with the whole, “obey your husband,” part in the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. But he’s not my ruler. If he wants me to do something I don’t want to do (not something petty like doing dishes, mind you, but something serious, like — pardon my bluntness — having a threesome), something that goes against my morals, I won’t do it. Does that mean I’m breaking that rule? I certainly hope not. Because that means women are little more than slaves to their husband’s will. And I am no one’s slave.

    I think the ideal relationship is when the husband respects and loves his wife and her opinions, and visa versa. I obey my husband out of love and respect, and he does a lot of good for me because he loves and respects me. I want to follow God’s will and obey my husband, but I’ve heard that twisted so many times that it makes me angry hearing it. It’s become the slogan for husbands to get a subservient wife that is supposed to let herself get kicked around.

    • Thanks for commenting!
      Obeying God always supercedes obeying man, whether we’re talking about children obeying parents, wives obeying husbands, or anyone obeying authorities. You are correct about an ideal relationship…too bad there aren’t very many of those. This post doesn’t explain my whole idea about women obeying their husbands very well; it’s more like a continuance from where I left off. If you are interested in exactly how I view this topic, you can click on my “Role of Women” category. You still may not agree with me (many don’t), but it’s how I endeavor to live because I truly believe it’s what God wants me to do. Happiness is beside the point. It boils down to obedience. Thankfully for me, by following God’s will for me in this area, I do find that I am happier as a result. He never intended us to be miserable, after all.
      I really enjoyed your post the other day about the Bible, Elisa! It’s easy for me to take up Christianity issues on my blog because almost all of my followers are Christians. You have a diverse audience, so kudos to you for being brave enough to discuss your faith so openly! I pray that you planted a seed somewhere. 🙂

      • Elisa Michelle

        See, that’s all that matters to me. If I know I won’t be utterly miserable in my obedience, I am happy to serve. Hard work isn’t the issue for me, it’s happiness. Living a fulfilling life, you know? One I can leave and go to God and say, “I really tried my hardest.”

        Well I try to bring up my faith in small doses. It is a part of my life, so I do want to bring it up, but at the same time, that’s not why people stop by my blog, you know? I do hope I gave someone something to think about when it comes to what it means to be a Christian though.

      • Right! I figure we’ll have an entire eternity to pursue happiness. For now, I just want to work as hard as I can and take as many people with me as possible!

  2. It is indeed a shame how people twist Scripture to serve ends that God never intended.
    “We all sin, so oh well, why try? God’ll forgive me.”
    “Hey, wife — God says you have to shut-up and do whatever I tell you.”
    Wrong, wrong, wrong. A verse out of the greater context of *all* God has said is far too often used as a tool of evil, which in turn becomes a part of the arsenal of those who would tear down Christianity.
    Readng God’s words in full will go some way toward revealing what actually was said and the character of he who said them. The truth is not hidden from those who honestly seek it.

    • “The truth is not hidden from those who honestly seek it.”

      I love your insight here! I also find that ithe truth becomes clearer when we reach out and speak to God conversationally and honestly. I think that’s what he truly desires from us. We find the truth when we seek Him. He is truth.

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