Creative Writing Assignment for Pairs

I realized that it’s been a long time since I posted a creative writing prompt. Our co-op isn’t meeting for classes anymore; it sort of fizzled out when school started up. Everyone’s too busy. As a result, I haven’t been creating any more writing exercises. Something I’ll have to remedy because I really like doing it! Here’s a quick one that our class never tried. Let me know how it goes!


Pair up. What is your favorite book or story (could be a movie or video game storyline)? What do you like about it?

Who is your favorite character? Why do you like that character?

Exchange information with your partner and write: what happens when your favorite character visits the world of your partner’s
favorite character?

Homeschoolers can use this by placing their characters in the world of their mom’s favorite character or that of a sibling. Alternatively, they could try switching other elements, such as plot, villains, best friends, etc. This is a good “what if” exercise for reluctant writers. It allows them to just be silly and have fun!

7 responses to “Creative Writing Assignment for Pairs

  1. This sounds like such fun! How about Goldilocks and the Three Pigs, who live just down the land from the Three Bears, and she has NOT learned her lesson yet! She might be inside the first two houses when they blow down, and somehow, mercifully, escape to a sadder but wiser self? Ha. I like this!

    • Thanks! Your idea reminds me of the movie Hoodwinked. They twisted up the plot for Red Riding Hood, and came out with a hilarious story! I’m trying to remember now if they wove in some other fairy tales along the way…

      I’ve always loved Disney’s Cinderella myself, and I used to really enjoy Star Wars. (But I’ve been trying to stay away from questionable doctrines and fantasies in what I watch and read lately, and the Star Wars religion is most definitely Eastern in its origins, but that’s another post entirely!) Anyway, I would probably have a galactic Cinderella story going on complete with an evil step-emperor!

  2. Hypothetical crossover is so much fun! My writing buddy and I recently brought in a mutual fave character to hangout with us and the characters we wrote. (My tailor is thrilled; he idolizes the epic fantasy hero.) We had our guest participate in his first Truth-or-Dare game today, heh-heh-heh…

    Cinderella’s step-emperor, by the way, sounds perfectly terrifying. 🙂

    • So cool that you have actually done this! Did it shed new light on your characters? Did you get any legitimate story ideas from the project? It sounds like soooo much fun to do that with characters that you and your friend actually created! Truth-or-Dare – awesome idea!

  3. I love this how about Alice meets Dorothy on the yellow brick road and takes her down the rabbit hole. I bet things could get interesting 🙂

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