We decided to “unstuff.” I went through the whole house, and decided to get rid of more than half of my books and clothes, along with some other things. This weekend we had a three-room indoor moving sale. It was very interesting! We met interesting people, we had interesting conversations, and we sold most of our large furniture. We’re down to our coffee table, 3tvs, an entertainment center, Ian’s bunk bed, and Ian’s desk. Oh, and our exercise bike. We still need to get rid of the bike and one of the tvs. I think we will probably sell the bunk bed and the desk before we actually move, but we’re going to wait a while because Ian uses those things. Now if I could only get rid of the rest of my clothes and books! I know I could donate or give them away, but we’re working on paying off all of our debt. Amazon’s trade-in program was a great help, however, but they don’t take just anything.

We’ll probably end up moving closer to Jesse’s work, but we’re trying to keep our options open. Union would be great – it’s smack dab between Valent Aerostructures and Liberty Baptist Church! If we sell the Z3, we’ll be only three months away from being completely out of debt (aside from our home). When we do move, we’d like to buy a less expensive home as well, and then we’ll be free! For practice, we’re only living in three rooms of our house this winter + the bathrooms. The other benefit is, we won’t have to heat one half of the house. I’m super excited; it’s kind of like an adventure in simpler living. We have fold-up chairs, but maybe we should get some pillows to sit on like they do in Japan. It would probably be more comfortable 🙂

Any suggestions out there for unstuffing or living a simpler lifestyle?

4 responses to “Downsizing

  1. Working toward debt-freedom? Good for you! I’ve heard testimonials about what a load off that is. Couple that with your all-around decluttering, and you’ll *really* be breathing easy!

    • Yep! I’m feeling good! Paid off a credit card yesterday, my piano today (sold it for more than I owed), and another couple grand on our last credit card today as well. Needless to say, I’m in a pretty good mood! Now, what else can I get rid of… (looks around)

  2. Amy, what kind of tv is it and what size is it?

  3. Hi, Vickie! It’s a Samsung HDTV 1080i. I’m thinking it’s 26 inches or so. It’s a flatscreen, but it’s several years old, so instead of being thin like the new ones, it’s deep. The problem with it though, is that it turns itself off. I could be 2 hours after you turn it on, or 2 minutes. Someone said it might be the power source. If you guys want to try to fix it, you can just have it. Or if you know someone who might want it, let me know.

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