The coolest thing I’ve ever done!

I can still remember where I was standing when I led my cousin to the Lord. I was on the phone with him in my sister’s bedroom. Then a couple of months ago, during the drive home from an evening church service, my son also accepted Christ as his Savior. But for years between those two phenomenal events, I haven’t been involved in the making of new Christians. My role in the Kingdom has been more supportive of existing Christians than anything else.

Until this past weekend.

Brother Miles Wallis came up from Talking Rock Road Baptist Church, bringing his sheaves (of paper) with him. He brought enough supplies to assemble 13,000 booklets containing John and Romans. My church was not new to this type of project, but this is the first time they’ve assembled Bibles since our family has been attending (January). Covers were folded, books were assembled, stapled, trimmed, and boxed. The booklets were printed in French, and are destined to reach thousands of souls in Kenya. It took 30-40 people (my estimation) 9 hours over a Friday evening and Saturday morning to completely finish (including loading the trailer and cleaning the church). Even the children had plenty to do, as they transported the partly assembled Bibles from station to station.

As a result, I hope to cultivate friendships with simply thousands of brothers and sisters in heaven who will be saved as a result of our church’s labor of love.

The project was one of the most satisfying events I have ever participated in, yet paradoxically, has left me starving for more! (I guess it’s because I was actually fulfilling my purpose as a Christian on this earth.)

For information on how to donate or participate, check out Seedline International.

3 responses to “The coolest thing I’ve ever done!

  1. We are getting ready to do this again next weekend (August 26-28)! I’m so excited. Any of my readers who live near St. Clair, MO are welcome to come and help! (Liberty Baptist Church)

  2. Amy, I didn’t know you were going to Liberty Baptist. I guess you see Del & Donna Gudmundson there.

    • Yes, we’ve been there since January, and we absolutely love it! We love Del and Donna too! I forgot they went to Tricounty for a little while. Is that where you know them from? If you have a chance, you could always swing by for an hour or so during Seedline Friday night. Hope to see you all soon! Tell Terry I said hi!

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