How do others see you?

When your family, friends, or even a stranger looks at you, what do they see? When you speak, what do they hear? What do we communicate by our actions and attitudes?

What about Christianity in general? Some people have had real experiences with hateful or condescending Christians. When I walk away from an encounter, I want to leave the person thinking, “Oh, so that’s what Christianity is supposed to be like!” I want the world to see that being a Christian is a desirable thing. I want people to realize that my relationship with God is what makes me strive to be happy, productive, and graceful in all situations. Now, it’s easy to be happy when things are going well. However, if you want to leave a lasting impression, try being graceful when things aren’t going your way. Those you are dealing with will be stricken by your reactions, especially if their job has them in a situation where people are upset with them quite often. The next time you get cheated at the store, on a bill, etc, react with grace and compassion for the person who has to “deal” with you. That person’s soul is far more important than any amount of time or money you may have lost.

Challenge: Look for opportunities to surprise others by your graceful reactions. Maybe your toddler will break a dish today or you will feel cheated by your insurance company. React in a way that portrays Christ.

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