Some days, I’m just not a Christian

Have you ever been called by the name of someone who gets one your nerves? Maybe you have a friend named Vanessa, and she talks too much. Your husband may call you “Vanessa” to get your attention and hint that you are going on and on and on… Maybe you know someone who is completely slovenly, and you like to call your husband by that alternate name when he leaves his laundry in the floor. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how infuriating it can be. It’s almost as bad as sarcasm; depending on the circumstances, maybe even worse.

I’ve long been under the impression that it was this derogatory use of another’s name that produced the label of “Christian.” I don’t think the citizens of Antioch were trying to be nice. “Christian” means “little Christs;” it doesn’t mean “one who is saved.” If you are a Christian, you will act like Christ. I think the Christians of the day were getting on people’s nerves by going around and acting like Christ all the time. Are you a Christian today?

Challenge for today: Be a real Christian. Do your best to emulate the love, actions, and attitude of Christ.

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