Escaping back to reality

I’m on a mission, but I need some help. I don’t want to watch television anymore, but it’s about all we’ve been doing as a family for the past ten years (and as single people for years before that). During the day, when my husband is at work, I have many things to keep me busy – homeschooling, playing with my son, writing, composing/arranging, preparing for the homeschool classes that I teach, reading books to improve my current skills, etc. I only step foot into our living room to feed the fish. In the evenings though, I’d really like to take a break and spend time with my husband. However, I don’t have any desire to sit in front of the television anymore. We don’t talk to each other when the TV is on, and frankly, I’d rather be knocking a few things off my to-do list. I actually enjoy my work more than I do sitting and doing nothing. My husband has been feeling neglected because of this. I’m afraid he’s starting to think that I would rather work than “spend time” with him. In an effort to keep him from feeling this way, I’ve been trying to drop everything in the evenings and focus on him, but I’ve been trying to do so without involving the television in any way. He’s game, but we just don’t know what to do as a couple to pass our time. We used to go for long drives and out for nice dinners, but with the economy the way it is, those just aren’t practical options anymore. So far, in our efforts to stop watching so much TV, we’ve spent some time playing board games, and we’ve invited a couple of families over for dinner. A friend suggested that we start working out together. She and her husband do this regularly; they enjoy the time they spend conversing, and they really encourage one another to “keep up the good work,” so to speak. In the middle of writing this (last night), I actually took a break and made some cookies with Ian and Jesse. One of the fun things that we’ve done in the past is turn out all of the lights and play hide-and-seek. The winter months are ideal for this game, because there’s plenty of time left to play after the sun goes down. It’s really great because you can hide by laying on the couch or standing behind the drum set, and as long as you can keep from giggling, you can remain hidden for several minutes. I remember my dad once hiding by sitting on the kitchen table. I think we gave up before anyone ever found him, and there were five of us looking! Anyway, over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to try some new things and hopefully build a repertoire of non-television related activities. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to post an activity that your family enjoys! Challenge: Turn off the television tonight and do something fun together!

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  2. Me and my husband go for walks. Or sometimes we’ll just sit around and talk about anything and everything. What we feel about what’s going on in life right now, about his work, about writing, photography. Whatever either of us is into. My husband tries to understand my obsession with grammar, poor guy, and at least he sits there and tries to keep up with my rambling. Maybe do something like that? I don’t know, my husband and I are still newlyweds, no kids (and don’t want any for a long time), no college until spring, and he only has a part-time job, so we have a lot of “us” time for now. We’ve honestly promised to never let our lives get so cluttered that we leave each other out. Our friends jokingly call us the clingiest couple they’ve ever met. Haha, maybe we are, but it suits our personalities.

    But rambling aside, I suggest going for a walk with him. It’ll work you out and you get time to talk — and walking seems to make thinking easier. Like you can talk about anything and everything in that time. It’s interesting.

  3. Walking is a great idea. We think about it sometime, but after he comes home and sits down for dinner, he rarely feels like getting up again. Maybe we should walk before dinner. I will try that this evening. It is still nice for October; yesterday and Sunday were downright hot! I must admit that when the colder weather comes, it will be me who will put the brakes on walking. Unless he wants to walk around Wal-Mart, but then we’ll end up buying candy before we go home! Thanks for the tip; I’ll double my efforts!

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